Tableau Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Extracted the tables/data from diff database and generated reports by using Tableau Desktop.
2. Involved in Live and Extract connections in Tableau
3. Experience on different types of filters like Quick filter, Global Filter, Cascading and Context Filter
4. Worked on Groups and Sets
5. Experience on working with URL and Filter Actions
6. Extensively used Parameters and Calculated fields
7. Used Table Calculations and LOD’s.
8. Experience on Tableau Blending, and Forecasting.
9. Experience on creation of worksheets, Dashboards and Stories
10. Created some more visualized charts like water fall chart, Donut chart, Trend lines, Bar and line graphs
11. Worked on Dual Axis and Blended Axis
12. Involved in publishing the sheets and dashboards to Tableau server
13. Knowledge on users and user group creation.


Tableau Interview Questions:

1. Difference Between Live and Extract
2. Difference between twb and twbx.
3. What is Tde file.
4. How to display top 5 and last 5 in same view.
5. Difference between discreate and continuous.
6. Difference Between Quick Filter and normal filter.
7. Types of filters in tableau.
8. Difference between versions 9.x to 10.x?
9. Use of parameters in tableau
10. Limitations of parameters in tableau
11. What kind of join do you see in data blending
12. What is data blending, when do you use this
13. Can we use group and sets in calculation field
14. Difference between grouping and sets
15. What is context filter
16. What is dual axis
17. Can we use parameters in filters
18. What are the file extensions in tableau
19. Difference between filter and parameter
20. Different types of dashboard actions
21. What are different products of tableau
22. Difference between tableau desktop and public
23. Types of annotations
24. Difference between tree map and heat map
25. Name the components of dashboard
26. What is blended axis
27. What are disadvantage of context filters?
28. What are the possible reasons for slow performance in Tableau?
29. How can we combine database and flat file data in tableau desktop?
30. How to add custom Color to Tableau?
31. How we can display top 5 and last 5 sales in same view?
32. How we can create cascading filters without context filter ?
33. How many ways we can create parameters in tableau?
34. Can we get values from two different sources as a single input into parameter?
35. How do we do testing in Tableau?
36. What do you understand by dual axis?
37. Differentiate between heat map and tree map?
38. Can we keep an excel file in a shared location and use it to progress a report and refresh it in regular intervals?
39. Explain Dimensions and Facts?
40. Differentiate between joining and blending in Tableau?
41. What is the Maximum no of tables we can join in Tableau?
42. Explain benefit of tableau extract file over the live connection?
43. How To remove the All options from a Tableau auto-filter?