Public Objects Interview Questions

1) When we execute/run a Query, what will happen at back end?
2) What are different Engines in MSTR? Explain differences between them?
3) State Differences between 2-tier(Direct) and 3-tier(Server)?
4) Which tier Architecture you use in your current project?
5) What are the different sections in a Report?
6) What are the different Views of a Report?
7) What is Dynamic Aggregation? Will it impact SQL?
8) What are different types of Filters?
9) What is Difference between Report Filter to View Filter?
10) What is Difference between Report Filter to Report Limit?
11) What is Difference between View Filter to Report Limit?

12) What are different types of Report Filter?
13) What are the different ways we can qualify using SET Qualification?
14) What is diff between Relationship Filter and Shortcut to Report?
15) What is Relationship Filter? When we use it?
16) What are the different ways we can qualify using advanced Qualification?
17) What are Pass through functions and State any example where you have
used pass through function?
18) What is joint Element list Filtering?
19) Can we use data present in a Report as Filter Condition?
20) When we use report limit it will impact which part of SQL?


21) What are different types of Metrics you have worked?
22) What are different components of a Metric?
23) What is derived Metric? Will it have impact on SQL?
24) What is difference between Smart Metric and Compound Metric?
25) What is difference between Derived Metric and Compound Metric?
26) What is difference between Compound Metric and Nested Metric?
27) What is Nested Metric?
28) What is Tranformational Metric? When we use Transformation Metric
on Report which part of SQL will be impacted?
29) When I apply Rank on a Metric, is it a simple or compound Metric?
30) What are the different OLAP Functions you have used while creating Metric?
31) What is Level Metric and What are the different components of level Metric?
32) What are the different options we have under Filtering and state the differences between them?
33) What is Non Aggregate Metric?
34) If I want to get my Metric aggregated for all the values present in the project? Which level Metric Option I have to use?
35) When we apply Report Filter and Conditional Metric on same Report? How both filters will behave?
36) What is difference between Metric Join Type and Metric Formula Join type?
37) Assume I have a Report which contains 2 Attributes say Attribute1
and Attribute2 and Profit Metric on Report Template when I execute
the profit values are displaying Correctly. When I move Either A1 or A2
to Report Objects Sections Profit values are displaying as —-, What
all can be possible resons for this?

38) What are different types of Prompts you have worked with?
39) What is Nested Prompt? How do you create state with an example?
40) Do you have experience creating Adhoc Reports?
41) In Same Object prompt can we use 2 different object types?
42) What is Level Prompt?
43) Can we place value Prompt on the Report? What are different types
of value Prompt?
44) How to get last n days Transformation?
45) What are the different prompts that are not supported in ICUBE?
46) What are the different Prompts that are supported in Freeform SQL?
47) What is Drill Map Object?
48) What are the different levels of Drilling we can apply in MSTR?
49) Which Drilling Level will have more precedence?
50) What are the different VLDB Properties you have worked with?